On behalf of Parham Doctors’ Hospital Rehab unit, I would like to say thank you to the Caring Canines for the service they provide for our patients and staff.  Over the last 13 years we have gone from once a month visits to two times per week.  Additionally, we have a once a week visit for more one to one animal assisted interventions with our patients. The Caring Canines’ group is always willing to make special visits when we have the need for a specific patient who is not adjusting or responding well to his rehab program. Not only do they provide love and support to our patients but also to staff as we get our weekly snuggles. We are grateful for their service to our unit.


Barb Silverberg,SLP

HCA Healthcare


The Caring Canines therapy dogs come every Wednesday and it’s a day all staff, patients, visitors and volunteers look forward to.  The dogs come in all shapes and sizes and are always ready to receive a head scratch and a hug.  The reason for coming into St Francis Medical Center can vary from an emergency, a birth, doctor‘s appointment or surgery. The outcome s can be good or sad, and it is comforting to know that no matter what, the Caring Canines Therapy Dogs will be there to help.

 Daniella Muir

Volunteer Coordinator

Bon Secours St. Francis Medical Center


We know how important pets are to their owners and being able to have an experience within the hospital makes our job of helping patients find the power to overcome that much easier.

 Going into a hospital after an injury often means being without our pets.  Pet therapy brings a little slice of heaven into the hospital setting and it is another fantastic way to help patients find the power to overcome.

 Sheltering Arms knows how special pet therapy can be. Helping people find the power to overcome with pet therapy is just one more thing to make their stay with us as special as possible.

 Pet encounters are rare in a clinical setting, but we know that pets are a big part of our patients’ lives.  Approaching the power to overcome an injury and illness in a holistic manner is important, and pet therapy is an integral part of that mission.  

 Our patient’s look forward to Pet Therapy more than any other therapy!

 When the therapy dogs visit, everyone forgets about their illnesses.

 Therapy dogs provide a healing like no other to our patients.

Rhonda Riggleman, Sheltering Arms Rehabilitation Hospital


For patients recovering from a wide variety of illnesses and injury a visit from a Caring Canine dog is often a very bright light in what are often long,  difficult days.  We have seen patients’ first smiles, first words and first controlled motor movements brought on simply by the introduction of one of our animal therapy dogs.  The benefits of animal therapy are wide and varied and we are so appreciative of all of the contributions made by our volunteers.  A recent patient was quoted as saying…    “I was having a really really bad day until Sadie placed her head on my lap.”

 Jennifer Vass, CTRS

Recreation Therapist

Hunter Holmes McGuire VA Medical Center

2B Polytrauma Rehab