Health professionals and practitioners are now recognizing what pet owners have known for years – pets are good for our health and well-being.  Companion animals are being introduced into therapeutic regimens of nursing homes, hospitals, rehabilitation, hospice and other centers.

Animals are tools for therapy because they can make people feel safe and loved.  They can help children learn to read, and improve their verbal and written skills.  Seniors know that a pet can help them maintain independent living.  Exercising with a pet helps overcome obesity. The benefits that a therapy dog can bring are endless.

Our dogs and their handlers enrich the lives of everyone they visit.  If you want to become an integral part of our team and share the joy that you have found with your dog, please contact us!  We welcome new members to help us expand our services to the many facilities anxious to start a therapy dog program.

And to our current members, thank you for all you do – we would not be the success that we are without you!

Best wishes,

Aleta Shelton, Director, Caring Canines


From WTVR:

Dogs are helping Hanover students learn to read